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    Haveli Ornate sandstone carvings. Images taken in numerous merchant Havelis in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India.


    Havelis are large traditional townhouses with ornate sandstone carvings often built by wealthy merchants in India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh, usually with historical and architectural significance.


    Some havelis are many hundreds of years old. In Jaisalmer there are many elaborate havelis carved from yellow sandstone. Some of these have many floors and countless rooms, with decorated windows, archways, doors and balconies. Some havelis are today museums but most in Jaisalmer are still lived in by the families that built them. Among these is the Vyas haveli which was built in the 15th century, which is still occupied by the descendants of the original builders. Another example is the Shree Nath Palace which was once inhabited by the prime minister of Jaisalmer. Some of the doors and ceilings are notable examples of old carved wood from many hundreds of years ago.













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