In a nut shell

    Deedee Pull; Wedding & Travel photographer, the wrong side of 35, with day job. I'm based in Oxfordshire where I live with my wife (& yoga teacher) & our 2 daughters.

    Why ‘Deedee’?. Affectionately named since birth. It’s a long story. Short answer; older brother's lack of grasp & attempt of the English language (aged 2). I guess in his defence there are 2 ‘D’s in Edward (!)

    That's pretty much me in a nut shell. Any Qs ... please get in touch

    Deedee Pull


    The nut from the shell; I LOVE photography, it lights up my life and makes me feel truly alive. A constant learning process and challenge which I relish. 
    My passion for photography started in earnest after high school during my national diploma throughout 2 very happy years in the dark room at Leicester College. There’s nothing quite like watching a B&W image appear before your eyes in solution in a dark, red lit room. The transition to digital all in the name of ‘progress’ has inevitably happened to us all, however I firmly believe that those 2 years at analogue college before my further 3 digital ones at University in Nottingham sparked an interest in such a pure way that the fire has burned ever since.